Wednesday, November 20, 2013

10 Realistic Suggestions To Be Happy Right Now

There's no shame in feeling down every now and then. Whether everything in your life is running smoothly or in shambles, you can inexplicably be hit with the depression bug. I too, have felt unexplainable sadness, so I've scoured the web for helpful advice. I found a lot of helpful articles that I enjoyed reading. However, the articles rarely gave suggestions as to what I can do at this very moment.

It's easy to follow positive advice when you're as motivated as a chirpy chipmunk, but what about suggestions for when you feel as energetic as a drugged walrus? If you could use a hand to yank you out of a slump, then you're in luck. I've come up with a list of 10 ways to bring happiness within the next few minutes.

1) Send spam texts to someone you like. Screenshot their reaction.

When the last thing you feel like doing is talk to people, troll them instead.

The anticipation of their reaction is enough to make you cackle evilly.

 And you will rarely be disappointed by their response. Extra points for anything cat-related.

2) Buy delicious treats. Eat them all while in your skivvies. Regret nothing.

Some souls will try to convince you that vegetables are the answer to everything, but sometimes, you need a spot of junk food to perk you up. 

via Danny Ngan
Eating unhealthily doesn't make you a bad person. A bad person shanks people and kicks puppies. Unless they were stolen from the puppy you just kicked, it's okay to enjoy eating cookies.

3) Treat yourself like you're trying to date yourself.

Even if you plan on spending the night alone, put in a little effort like you're trying to schmooze yourself. Take yourself shopping (online counts), even for a small item like these awesome Ninja Turtle Bracelets or Superhero Socks

For something less costly, movies cost around $4 if you visit the cheap theatre in your area and smuggle in your own treats. I would recommend visiting the Grand Rapids Public Museum, but you might unknowingly assume that a buffalo cadaver is a prop, and climb into it.

The taunts you'll receive from friends for the rest of your life will put a damper on your happiness.

4) Play online games.

Most lists will cite the benefits of Sunshine and Fresh Air. Realistically speaking, when you're in a funk, the last thing you want to do is put on pants and join the daywalkers. Whenever I feel homesick, I play Modern Warfare because it oddly reminds me of the motherland. 

Image Source
I've met a lot of awesome friends through online gaming, once I waded through awkward rage gamers. Try Odin's Quest or visit this site for some fun free games.

5) Spend time with animals. 

If you're moping around like a zombie, convinced that your heart is literally broken, animals will prove you wrong. When a kitty purrs on your lap or a puppy nuzzles your neck, all feels well in the world. They look at you with loving trust, knowing that no matter what darkness may come, you're going to be best buddies for life.

So when no one's looking, pick them up, slap on some makeup, and re-enact the battle from Braveheart.

If you don't have a pet, you can visit the local PetSmart or rescue/shelter. They'll let you play with the furballs for free, as long as you wait until they leave before putting on your warrior paint.

6) Send a nice comment to an old friend, new friend, or even a stranger.

Even the Grinch eventually learned that doing good deeds makes you feel good on the inside. A kind word will brighten their day as well as yours. It can be something as simple as, "oh, that's a lovely dress!" or "well hello, Captain America!" If you're feeling particularly strange, a merry "blessings of Mara be upon you, traveller!" will do just fine.

7) Entertain your neighbours from the shower.

The shower is your stage, and it's your time to shine.

Image Source
Print the lyrics to "Total Eclipse of the Heart," "Bohemian Rhapsody," or even "The Phantom of the Opera." Look them over, study them, become one with them. Once you have memorised every single word, take a long hot shower. The moment is now: perform a sudsy self-duet for the enjoyment of any nearby dwellers.

8) Spend your holidays a little differently.

If you're like me, holidays feel lonely because it seems like every person in existence has the model nuclear family to spend time with. If you miss the present-giving, find a special Angel Tree or drop a gift at Toys for Tots.

via Tracie Howe
If the sight of bright lights and mass consumerism makes you cross, perhaps sending letters and care packages is up your alley. Visit Any Soldier and bring a little bit of home to a deployed soldier missing out on the holidays. If it's the delicious food and socialisation you crave, form your own holiday family and celebrate with friends who might also be lonely. 

Tip: International students are a gold mine when it comes to cool critters who have tons of free time. 

9) Be good to feel good.

This ties in with the step 6, but basically stop being an ogre to people. The more we criticise others, the harsher we will subconsciously judge ourselves under those same standards. It's hard, I know, but think of it this way: you don't put out a fire by throwing a bucket of fire at it, you extinguish it with water.

U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Darron Salzer

Think of happiness like water to your fiery rage. The next time you're irritated or in conflict, try not to imagine people being hit by a truck. Wish them well and move along.

10) Understand happiness, and avoid hidden triggers.

The everyday things we do can be triggering our blue moods. As flawed as I am, I'm generally the most confident of my mates. I attribute that to understanding how media works. Advertisers make money out of targeting your insecurities, and you may not realise that you're affected by it. 

Think about it if you constantly worry that you should be more fit, consume less sugar, have nicer hair, need a whiter smile. It's great to seek improvement, but don't be fooled into thinking that those things will bring you happiness. Focus on improving your foundation. Make time for family and pals. Try to do just one thing off the crumpled to-do list that you scribbled and forgot about. Criticise a little less and smile more.

via Mike (Eyesplash)
What did you see first, happiness or sadness? Your life is affected by your perspective. When we're sad, our imagination runs wild and we're clouded by self-doubt. A lot of us put great effort into hiding our insecurities, even though they make us human. We can drive ourselves crazy if we don't occupy our minds with positive things. Crazy enough to smear blue eyeshadow on your face and roar about freedom. 

Hopefully you don't need advice to change your entire life, just a few suggestions to make you smile and get you through this bump. I'd love to hear about your attempts to follow this list, although I can't be held liable for any resulting damages. What would your list of happy tips include?

No kitties were harmed for the purpose of this post. Loki has since forgiven me and is snoozing by my feet.


  1. enjoyed the read! keep em coming :)

  2. I loved this! Especially the braveheart pics LOL

    1. Haha oh it was pretty fun dressing up like that, I wish it was socially acceptable to wear warpaint to work.