Concerns for the Growing Mold Testing and Remediation Industry

Mold TestingAs mold remediation expands as an industry, there are a few problems that begin to appear for those working in that sector. Mold testing in Greenville, SC is already a complex affair. It requires elaborate and expensive tools that detect mold that isn’t even visible with the naked eye. It primarily looks for spores that float around in the air, and that data is used to trace mold back to the source, so visible mold can be found and removed.

The tools used to test for mold are having to be updated to take into consideration the changes in building materials and the various chemicals that are used in construction. Changes to those industries often come from new products being released, with new components that may be reacting with mold, mold remediation and testing tools in unforeseen ways.

The two industries don’t communicate much, and even if they did, it would take extensive testing and experimentation to determine how mold remediation chemicals and mold instead are going to interact with new construction chemicals. There are new types of paint, cleaners, building materials and other chemicals being produced for the construction industry all the time. While there is testing done to ensure that those chemicals don’t harm other materials used in construction or don’t create unwanted chemical reactions, there isn’t much work being done to see how those chemicals interact with the diverse array of mold testing and remediation chemicals and equipment.

It’s tough to say how they will interact, if they even do. At some point, however, chemicals for mold remediation tools and chemicals from new construction products will interact in an unpleasant way, and businesses like mold testing greenville sc are rightfully concerned about how it will affect them. They want to be able to promise their customers that there won’t be any problems or difficulties when they use their service, but they cannot predict how their tools will interact with what the construction companies are doing. As new cases of bad interactions occur, the public is going to become increasingly aware that there is a communication problem between the mold testing and remediation services and the construction industry. And when their chemicals do that, it’s the customers who suffer the most.