How many essential oils are there

Nausea-and-Vomiting-MedicationsEssential oils are liquid compounds extracted from natural resources like plants, herbs and tree barks. These compounds are famous for their aroma and health properties. Essential oils are not exactly oils but they often share the same poor solubility in water as that of oils.

With its fragrant scent, essential oils are commonly used in perfumery and also food flavoring. There are over ninety essential oils available and each of them has their own health benefits. Majority of essential oils perfectly blend with some other essential oils, allowing herbalists to prepare wide array of essential oils combinations.

Among the more than 90 essential oils, most are quite powerful that it can cause side effects if they are not taken properly and in right dosage. The individual benefits of every essential oil also vary that is why it is completely important that you consult a doctor first before using them whether it is ingested or applied topically. There are lots of oils out there and one of the most popular is the best essential oils for nausea.

Some of the most common essential oils out there include allspice essential oil capable of relieving pain, adding color to skin, inducing numbness, removing toxin, relaxing the mind and body; angelica essential oil that purifies blood, improves digestion, reduces gases, removes toxins, relaxes spasms, promotes perspiration.

There is also the anise essential oils that relaxes spasms, ease breathing, treat rheumatism and arthritis, warms the body, remove gases, clear congestion, etc;  black pepper essential oils –  increases perspiration, aids digestion and removes toxins in the body; chamomile essential oil that cure spasms, fight depression, protect wounds from getting infected, soothe inflammation, etc.

Other popular essential oils include lavender oil for treating insomnia, respiratory orders, hair and skin care, indigestion, blood circulation and immune health. For treating pain, there is also the peppermint essential oil which can also induce numbness, relax spasms, lifts skin, good for memory and brain health and more.

There are just a lot of essential oils you can use for varying purpose, whether medicinally, food flavoring or perfumery. What’s more, since they can blend well with each other, countless combinations and blends can be made. That way, you can take advantage of many benefits at one blend of essential oil.