Statement Onesies Are Trending Now

baby-onesiesEveryone wants to make a statement and be heard these days. The age of self-entitlement and internet fame has led many people to try to share their opinions with everyone. People have been making their opinions known and making statements through clothing for as long as people have worn clothes. They are used to show rebellion to showcase personality or to make a political statement, but now there are an increasing number of ways to bring the baby into all of that statement clothing excitement.

There is a growing market for baby onesies that go a step farther than just being something cute for the baby to wear. Now these onesies are printed with funny or eye-opening statements. A lot of parents want to show off their personality or share their beliefs and opinions through their children. Before the kid can talk, they need a way to express the parent’s feelings, and the parents are dressing them up in statement onesies as a solution.

Statement onesies are available through a variety of retailers, such as baby onesies. Clothing retailers know to stick with what is trending and what’s “in”, which is why these statement baby onesies are everywhere right now. Consumers can find ones with adult phrases that have been turned on their head to suit babies as well as ones that offer some laughs or that evoke emotion. From political statements to comedic statements, it’s all available to be printed on a baby’s onesie.

As people become ever more outspoken and the internet gives a greater voice to the disenfranchised and the outliers, the trend of statement clothing will only continue. A lot of parents feel that their child is an extension of them and that the way people perceive the baby is a reflection on them, so they want to dress their baby in a way that showcases what they stand for or how they want others to see themselves.
This kind of onesie is definitely for the parents, but they’re still the reliable and comfortable clothing option that’s perfect for babies any time of year.